Why are we the right choice for you?

First the Why Not:

Currently, our therapy services are "out of network" with all third party insurances. While, this doesn't mean you can't be reimbursed for your visit, it does mean you will need to purchase our services up front. We make every effort to help you get paid back by providing a Super Bill for easy submission. We understand this can make our services difficult for some, but our commitment to value and quality make participating in-network impractical in the current insurance climate.

Now the Why:

  • You will work 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entirety of your session.
  • Hands-On work heals, therefore we prioritize manual therapy techniques.
  • We are experts at Trigger Point or Functional Dry Needling and utilize this technique extensively when appropriate, and it is included in your session purchase.
  • While corrective exercise is critical, we teach you to perform them properly at your home  or gym instead of spending valuable sessions on things you could do on your own.
  • We believe fitness goals can be attained simultaneously with rehab goals and show you ways to begin or maintain a fitness plan without negatively impacting your recovery.
  • We are a small business committed to customer service and your success.

At Chain Effect it is our mission to provide a unique synergy between the most validated, up-to-date fitness concepts and premium 1-on-1 manual physical therapy.  Allow us to prove to you why we are the  best at helping our clients overcome chronic injuries, achieve life and fitness goals, and attain a level of performance  unimagined.

Physical Therapy

      Dr. Taylor Pope

  • Owner and Founder of Chain Effect Sept 2015
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, UNC Chapel Hill 2010
  • 7 years of Orthopedic and Sport Rehab Experience
  • Level 3 Functional Dry Needling Practitioner
  • Certified by Titleist Performance Institute
  • Specializes in Functional and Kettlebell Training
  • Trusted PT of Olympic and Professional Athletes
  • Committed to 1-on-1 Hands On Manual Therapy
  • Quality and Customer Service Driven

Personal and Small Group Training

Define Goals and Crush Them.

Today, information is free and abundant.

However, proper implementation is the only way to truly make gains.

We are movement experts and understand that minor differences in form can make or break a training program. Chain Effect is for those ready to be challenged, both mentally and physically, to create the best possible you. Bring a friend or create a small group to rise up together!


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