Taking my own advice

This past Christmas was spent on the couch. You can save the assumptions of me just being a lazy NFL watching lug, because normally you would be spot on. But this time it was at least in part due to my second knee surgery of the year....


Back in March, I had my first "clean out" of my meniscus and cartilage, I had done my PT and was back on the Ultimate field in no time. But alas, over the course of the year I felt like something wasn't right in there. It's moments like these where the Physical Therapist in me has to eat a little crow, swallow my pride, and ask the tough questions: What happened? What could I have done to have a better outcome?


The answer is that it's tough to be a patient and it's really tough to be a "Know-it-all Doctor of Physical Therapy Patient." I realized that despite my own immense experience as a clinician treating this very thing, following my own advice was hard. I felt great. I was running and cutting. The knee was sore, but felt par for the course. But had I been able to watch a video of myself doing these things it would have been clear to me that I hadn't fully regained all the necessary mechanics to avoid the compensations which lead to injury.


So what I am going to do differently?


Well, for starters I'm going to listen to my brain rather than my heart. My heart is an ever restless go go go activity addict. My brain however, knows that it should be March Madness before I get back out and run around .

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