This warmup requires no tools!

A warmup, led by Dr. Jason McLaughlin, in all three planes of motion.

This warmup requires no tools.
Increase mobility as you warm up your full body before dynamic exercise.
There are two movements for each plane of motion (sagittal, frontal, and transverse).
Learn each movement first, then combine the two movements in each plane.

0:00 Introduction to 3D Movement Analysis & Performance Systems
0:17 Forward Step – Sagittal Plane 1
0:35 Back Step – Sagittal Plane 2
0:58 Side Lunge – Frontal Plane 1
1:14 Leg Crossover – Frontal Plane 2
1:32 Rotate, Step Out – Transverse Plane 1
1:53 Rotate, Step In – Transverse Plane 2

Combined Movements
2:23 Forward + Back Step (Sagittal Plane)
2:50 Side Lunge + Leg Crossover (Frontal Plane)
3:12 Rotate, Step Out + In (Transverse Plane)