Develop a healthier relationship with food, today!

Nutrition Counseling is your key to success.

Take the stress out of diet, meal planning, weight management and more. Through accountability, science and motivation let us help you reclaim your well being.

New Patient Offer

New Patient Offer

When you book your first session with our Licensed Dietitians you will receive the following Free perks to help kickstart your Chain Effect!

– Free Fit-3D Body Composition Scan ($62 Value)

– Free 60 Day Gym Membership ($100 Value)

– Free Unlimited Active Recovery Services ($25 Value)

Why Chain Effect?

Nutrition counseling is often 100% covered by insurance, meaning $0 out of pocket cost to you.

Schedule a Virtual or In-Person session with a Licensed Dietician from the comfort of your home.

Our experts love food and value the importance of enjoying it.

They are here for you, where others might not be. Allow us to customize a sustainable nutrition strategy that will inspire healthy, lasting change.

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