The Benefits of Foam Rolling

by Jo Irland-Cormier, CPT, CF-L1

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Take Control of Stress with NuCalm

by Taylor Pope, DPT, FDNP, co-owner of Chain Effect

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Keys to Maximizing Your Bench Press

by Brandon Lewis, certified exercise physiologist and competitive powerlifter

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Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture

A conversation I have at some point with just about every client is: “What is dry needling and how is it different than acupuncture?”

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Getting Your Vitamin D From Food

In our protein packed, low carb crazed society we often neglect the importance of vitamins and minerals to our bodies' crucial systems. In the winter months we can be at risk for lower Vitamin D levels since sunlight helps our skin naturally make it. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin important for our immune system, muscle and nerve function, and more notably, for aiding absorption of calcium and phosphorus to have strong bones and teeth. Peak bone mass is typically reached in women in their early 20s and in men by age 30. To combat the gradual decline of bone density which occurs as we age, a lifestyle rich in calcium and Vitamin D is critical.

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