5 exercises
10 reps
3 sets

…with each set adding a more difficult modification onto the last.
Make sure to properly warm up, cool down, fuel, and hydrate to protect your body and continue building.
You’ll hear a click for each rep completed.


Set 1 (Base Set)
00:00 Welcome
0:07 Hex Bar Deadlift
1:58 Assisted Pull Ups
3:48 Rear-foot Elevated Split Squat
5:55 Landmine Press Setup
6:27 Landmine Press
8:37 Plank Row

Set 2
10:40 Hex Bar Deadlift
12:14 Assisted Pull Up (with 3 sec Hold and Negative)
14:01 Rear-foot Elevated Split Squat (Racked Weight)
15:55 Landmine Press
17:38 Plank Row

Set 3
19:02 Hex Bar Deadlift (with Adductor Hold)
20:30 Assisted Pull Up (with 3 sec Hold and Negative)
21:45 Rear-foot Elevated Split Squat (Racked Weight, Bottoms-up)
23:15 Landmine Press
25:05 Plank Row (add Resistance and Balance)