The NuCalm Experience

The science behind NuCalm is robust. NuCalm is the only system patented and proven to shift the user into parasympathetic system dominance. With this shift, it unlocks the body’s naturally restorative processes and shifts the brain’s wave patterns from stress-oriented Beta waves to Zen-like Alpha brain waves. NuCalm lowers your brain wave frequency to one associated with active recovery and holds you there, like a car idling. 


Combining postural relaxation through the use of our state of the art zero gravity recliner and NuCalm, we are offering a relaxation experience unlike any other.


Stress is a tricky thing. Without ample amounts of it, we don’t push ourselves to improve and grow. With NuCalm, you are developing control over your response to stress. Mindset and thought patterns affect the body in ways the scientific community is just scratching the surface of. Whether you are an elite athlete who is trying to develop the ability to get in the “zone” or “flow,” an executive under crushing deadlines, or a parent who is feeling overwhelmed by a lack of hours in the day, Chain Effect’s NuCalm training is a tool that can change everything.


How do you know if NuCalm is right for you?  Have you ever been guilty of bringing your baggage from work into your home and redirecting it negatively at your loved ones? Or what about feeling so overwhelmed with a project that you can’t even begin to start breaking it down into the necessary steps to take action? These are examples of a mind that is over-stimulated, over stressed, and existing in the sympathetic “fight-or-flight” dominant mindset making it a struggle to calm yourself down because your entire body is responding to the situation.  


Mindfulness training and exercises aren’t just about managing the situation you are currently in. They are about arming you with the tools and priming the body, so you can respond accordingly to the unforeseen situations down the line.

To experience the full benefits of the NuCalm experience, we suggest starting with a one-hour session, but we also offer 30-minute sessions. The price breakdown can be found below. 

  • One-hour session = $37
  • 30-minute session = $30
  • 10 pack of one-hour sessions = $324