Founded by competitive ultimate player and avid disc golfer, Dr. Taylor Pope. The Chain Effect team has all the tools to help you optimize your game.


The two things we hear most disc golf players want more of is:

  1. Consistent accuracy

  2. Power

Being able to throw consistently requires not only repetition and practice, but also a combination of stability and mobility.

If you love disc golf like we do, you need to clean up your mechanics in order to make it a lifelong sport.


But how?


In a performance session, optimize your athletic potential by preparing the tissue for movement using a wide range of tools, all which reduce the likelihood of injury and keep you playing better for years to come. After prep, take it to our gym, where we train your movement.


Feel like your mental game is holding you back?
While improving your confidence through added strength is a great place to start. We also offer NuCalm, a deep meditation system designed to help you get in the zone more easily. Learn more here.


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