Accountability is the secret sauce to your success, and at Chain Effect, our dietitians are committed to you and will guide you to your goals.

The Chain Effect Difference

  • Combining psychology and habit science to foster a healthy relationship with food.
  • Our focus on accountability builds a trusting relationship and a safe space to dig deep.
  • Not everyone is the same. Diet plans and sessions are tailored to your specific needs.
  • We love food and value the importance of enjoying it.
  • We are experts in weight management, disease prevention, fitness performance, and diabetes education.

Our Registered Dietitians

Caroline Pope, co-owner of Chain Effect and one of the registered dietitians for nutrition counseling at Chain Effect

Caroline Pope

MS, RD, LDN, Owner

Caroline Pope began practicing as a Registered Dietitian in 2015 after completing her Master of Science in Nutrition from Meredith College and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UNC Chapel Hill.  This union of educational pursuits presents her with the opportunity to dig deep into the “why” guiding each of her patient’s relationship with food. Combining Motivational Interviewing techniques with evidence-based clinical reasoning, she develops a safe and intimate space for her clients to simultaneously “get it all out there” and inspire real lasting change, all while developing a healthier relationship with food.  Starting her career at UNC Rex Bariatric Specialists granted her front line exposure to a patient population known for a high degree of complexity and co-morbidities. This experience required an increased level of precision and individualized attention to detail that she has found invaluable to her practice at Chain Effect. At the end of the day, instilling and fostering accountability remains the most successful and evidenced based tool for achieving results. While she continues to enjoy and excel at helping patients with weight loss and preventing disease, her interests have expanded into perinatal care, gut health, and integrative and functional medicine. When she isn’t counseling or managing the nutrition pillar at Chain Effect, she is most likely running after one or both of her two boys (three if you count Taylor).

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Eddie Fitzgerald, one of the registered dietitians for nutrition counseling at Chain Effect

Eddie Fitzgerald


Eddie Fitzgerald has been practicing as a Registered Dietitian since 2018, after completing his Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition from Appalachian State University and internships with the United States Army Special Operations Command, Charles George VA Medical Center, and YMCA of Western North Carolina. His interest in nutrition started with a desire to see athletes take their performance to higher levels through proper fueling strategies, and has since evolved into a passion for helping people of all walks of life reap the benefits of a performance-oriented approach. He believes that how we eat and our relationship with food directly affects how we feel both physically and emotionally. Combining an ability to coach individuals through life’s many twists and turns, an evidence-based approach to solution finding, and Motivational Interviewing techniques he meets clients where they are and encourages them to take the right steps towards where they want to be. Movement and training have been a part of his daily routine since he was 14 years old. Over the years Eddie has become proficient in the powerlifts, run track and field, boxed competitively, and recently turned his gaze towards the Olympic Lifts. When he isn’t working with clients, training himself, or in the kitchen, he can be found with his wife and son enjoying the present moment and whatever silliness that might hold. 

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Caleb Frazier


Caleb Frazier began practicing as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in 2010, after completing his B.S. in Health Science with honors from the University of North Florida, and Dietetic Internship with Iowa State University. Since 2014, he has also been practicing as a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist credentialed with the Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education. Caleb’s interest in health and nutrition began at an early age with the help of his grandfather, who owned a health food store. He quickly began his career in nutrition by working as a dietetic technician with the Mayo Clinic, and then as a nutrition educator for WIC in Jacksonville, Florida while attending UNF. He discovered his passion for outpatient care as a clinical dietitian in a hospital, and continued his counseling experience with an internal medicine physician group in Southwest Florida. While there, he honed his craft of using a personable and empathetic style of communication to improve a variety of chronic health conditions. To better provide educational materials for patients’ success, he completed a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design with the University of Central Florida in 2019. When he isn’t helping people make lifestyle improvements, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their toddler son hiking the magical trails of North Carolina. 

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How We Can Help You

Nutrition management is quite possibly the most important foundation to our core belief that “Every Link Strengthens the Chain.” Nothing in our life plays a more vital role than the fuel we provide our bodies. Why else would most insurance companies provide “free to the patient” nutrition counseling as part of their yearly preventative services benefit? And yet, most people are gravely mistaken that the knowledge of what to eat, alone, will give them the tools of how to manage our day to day intake. The evidence is clear: the most effective way to achieve sustainable results and long-term health outcomes is by making a Registered Dietitian a central member of your healthcare team. Let’s face it, there is unlimited nutrition information available to us in this digital age, so why are we still struggling to optimize our nutrition and manage our goals effectively? Accountability is the secret sauce to your success, and at Chain Effect, our dietitians are committed to you and will guide you the entire way.

Our registered dietitians can help you optimize your nutrition and manage your goals effectively
Chain Effect is currently providing virtual nutrition counseling appointments through telehealth

Currently Providing Telehealth Appointments

All of our nutrition counseling sessions are currently virtual and are in-network with BCBS NC, UnitedHealthcare, and Cigna. Most insurance plans make these services “free” to the patient, meaning no out-of-pocket expenses, as nutrition counseling is considered a valuable component to preventative care. We verify your benefits prior to your session.

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