"The role of the therapist is to restore and elevate the patient to their highest level of functioning. Sometimes that means showing them a level of fitness and connectivity unimagined. " 

Dr. Taylor Pope, DPT, FDNP, Owner             

Dr. Taylor Pope has been a practicing outpatient physical therapist since 2010 upon graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with his Doctor of Physical Therapy. He specializes in orthopedic and sports injuries in addition to helping non-acute patients identify latent dysfunction. He is a certified Functional Dry Needling Practitioner and is Titleist Performance Institute Certified. 

How We Help You

We seek to optimize your kinetic chain through premium hands-on physical therapy and performance enhancement techniques. This means linking pathways through your body to promote efficient, coordinated, powerful movements. We accomplish this by evaluating each part of the body, head to big toe, to identify areas of dysfunction. Restrictions to joint mobility, muscle weakness, faulty sequencing and activation patterns may start out as small unnoticed problems, but lead to compensations, new muscle memory and decreased performance far away from their origin. Together we can uncover these dysfunctions, correct them and increase your performance and feelings of wellness. 

New Patient Form
If you would like to print and fill out our new patient form ahead of time, you can download the file here.
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