The Chain Effect Difference:

  • 1-on-1 Assessment and  Treatment from a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy the entire session.
  • Seeks to identify the root of dysfunction to make lasting changes and prevent future injuries.
  • Build strength and skill in the performance of functional movements, not just isolated muscles. 
  • Certified Functional Dry Needle Practitioner through Kinetacore. 
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified to optimize golf fitness and identify swing barriers. 



"I just completed my second dry needling session with Dr. Taylor Pope and I am very, VERY pleased with the results, as well as with the overall approach (identifying and focusing on weak/problem areas in my fitness and running technique). As a Brand Ambassador for Vibram and a competitive runner being sidelined for over 4-months due to heel and ankle pain has been very frustrating. I saw such incredible results after just one session that I came back for a second one! Not only my injury is rapidly healing, but my functional mobility is improving and I am already running faster than I did prior to my injury, despite missing so much training time."

~Ivo B., Raleigh, NC



"Dr. Pope is fantastic! I’ve been to other physical therapists that simply follow physician’s orders to strengthen “these” muscles and stretch “those” muscles. Dr. Pope took the time to look at biomechanics and dig into the root cause of the pain. Once he understood the cause he was able to fix it very quickly. He is much more knowledgeable and skilled than anyone else I’ve been to.  


He starts and finishes every appointment exactly on time. Every minute of the appointment is used constructively. Every appointment is one on one with no distractions. He does not have you waste time doing exercises you could be doing at home. He gave me a home exercise program that was simple and effective and I could actually follow through on. He had realistic expectations about the amount of time I would spend on home exercises. During the appointment he focused on manual therapy and dry needling (things I couldn’t do at home on my own). It is a completely different experience than any other physical therapist I have been to and it works! 


He is very skilled at dry needling and was able to get rid of the knots in my back that have been there for over 2 years in one appointment. The main reason I went to see him was pain in my knee that had been present for over a year. It prevented me from running, biking, swimming, hiking, doing squats and lunges, jumping, using the elliptical or the rowing machine. He understands that athletes want to continue training when they are injured and helped me come up with activities that I could do while recovering. In just a few appointments I was back to exercising several days per week with little to no pain.


Dr. Pope really cares about the progress of his patients and works to restore function as quickly as possible. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Pope.  He’s awesome!"

~Elizabeth R., Raleigh, NC



"Taylor and his staff are fantastic! I was referred to them by a friend because of hip pain. Turned out I needed surgery and Chain Effect was spot on with pre-treatment and helping me recover quickly. I love exercising there too; the equipment is in great shape and there is plenty of variety - no waiting for something to become available. I highly recommend them!"

~Jennifer M., Raleigh, NC



"Members of my extended family and I have been patients of Taylor's for over five years. In that time, he has treated us collectively for neck and back pain, a knee replacement, a ruptured Achilles' tendon, and hip surgery. I believe that Taylor's depth of knowledge of varied treatments got us all back on the road to recovery faster than we would have with another therapist. He is quite careful to not only attend to the injury site, but also to the patient's whole body health, as an injury in one area can often lead to trouble in another. I also appreciate Taylor's method of being more "hands on" than some physical therapists I've been to in the past, who administer exercises but don't really stretch out or work the injured areas as needed in clinic." 

~Jessica B., Raleigh, NC



"Saturday- Woke up early and played the first pain free round of disc golf in over 6 months. I was really happy. I could still feel a little soreness and tightness but it was about 90% better and I was happy

Sunday-Went to Beech Mountain to play DG while my boys rode downhill mountain bikes. I was there over 4 hours and walked/played my way down the mountain twice. I literally felt like I had never had an issue. No pain, tightness, soreness, limping…nothing bad.


As I write this to you today, my ankle feels 100% normal. I am really amazed. The treatment is one of the most amazing transformations I have ever been through. I’ll be in touch and keep monitoring it. THANK YOU!"

~Jason G., Raleigh, NC



"I have experienced a major improvement in quality of life since beginning physical therapy and dry needling with Taylor Pope for chronic migraine. I have met only a handful of doctors throughout my life who understood and cared enough to think outside the box for me; Taylor certainly did that. But what is even more extraordinary is to find a healthcare practitioner who shows as much enthusiasm and passion for his craft and for the art of living as Taylor does. His belief in the capacity of physical therapy and dry needling to make a difference in people’s lives inspired me to rekindle hope and to stop settling.


A couple of months into treatment, which included plenty of dry needling, the changes were drastic.

I went from one good day a week to, unbelievably, 6-7 good days a week! I am no longer dependent on pain medications. I have loads more energy than I have ever had before. I feel like a new person and like my life has suddenly opened back up to me. Words simply cannot express how much better my life is now and how sincerely grateful I am. I feel so much better than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you so much, Taylor!!"

~Anne E., Raleigh, NC