I have experienced a major improvement in quality of life since beginning physical therapy and dry needling with Taylor Pope for chronic migraine. I have met only a handful of doctors throughout my life who understood and cared enough to think outside the box for me; Taylor certainly did that. But what is even more extraordinary is to find a healthcare practitioner who shows as much enthusiasm and passion for his craft and for the art of living as Taylor does. His belief in the capacity of physical therapy and dry needling to make a difference in people’s lives inspired me to rekindle hope and to stop settling.

A couple of months into treatment, which included plenty of dry needling, the changes were drastic.

I went from one good day a week to, unbelievably, 6-7 good days a week! I am no longer dependent on pain medications. I have loads more energy than I have ever had before. I feel like a new person and like my life has suddenly opened back up to me. Words simply cannot express how much better my life is now and how sincerely grateful I am. I feel so much better than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you so much, Taylor!!

Anne E. (Raleigh, NC)