Why Chain Effect Physical Therapy?

We get it. There’s a lot of physical therapists out there. Today, our office manager, Letty, interviews Dr. Trembly addressing one question: Why Chain Effect? Not all services out there are equal, so we discuss what makes our approach different and why we receive the most 5-star reviews in Raleigh for physical therapy and performance training.




If you haven’t previously considered going out of network for physical therapy, we encourage you to ask yourself about your past physical therapy experience that was covered by insurance. Were you with your physical therapist during the entire appointment? Were you passed between staff members? Were you put on passive exercise machines or given ice when you should’ve been receiving hands-on treatment by a professional? Here, you won’t work with any aides or techs. You will receive one-on-one treatment by your physical therapist each and every appointment you schedule.

You’re also likely to save time at Chain Effect and other out-of-network facilities as opposed to in-network facilities, since the quality of appointment is different. Time is a non-renewable resource, and too many companies value your dollars more than your time. Here, your time will be valued as highly as it’s worth. We want to see you out of the office and with your families or team, out of pain and performing well. These are some of the many answers to your question: Why Chain Effect?

We welcome you to read more about each of our physical therapists here.